Cinnamon and Vanilla Essential Oil

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Pure blend of cinnamon bark, and vanilla bean. Therapeutic grade essential oils with quick connect top for Curie. 

  • Lasts up to 45 hours of use.
  • 15mL
  • Comes with quick connect top for Curie


The deep rich spicy oil of cinnamon bark is blended with sweet creamy vanilla absolute to create this unique blend that is sure to evoke memories and emotions.  It is more expensive than other oils because producing cinnamon bark essential oils and vanilla absolute are quite expensive.  Combining the two is also a challenge because vanilla absolute is more of a resin to start.


Country of Origin: Sri Lanka, Madagascar
Parts Used: bark, bean
Extraction Method: Steam Distilled for cinnamon, solvent extracted for the vanilla.(natural ethyl alcohol)
Scent: Warm, sweet, spicy, vanilla
Purity: 100%